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The best kart racing game

Play, participate and win

In Neraverse Legendary you can participate in daily, weekly, monthly, regional and world tournaments. In addition to getting great rewards for your victories.

Play with everyone

Immerse yourself in the world of racing and enjoy playing with friends and people from other countries.

Play free now

Run, compete and win in the most addictive racing world.

Choose your favorite character

With the legendary you will defend the earth, take advantage of them, they are near of extinction.


Troyer is a very charismatic and outgoing feline, he comes from the depths of the jungle and has had a great passion for racing since he was a puppy.


Pantroy is an eastern corridor, it is very quiet and peaceful. He has a particular liking for bamboo and learned to run before he learned to walk. He won the driftking title at 2 years old, a prodigy.


Rhyno comes from a long caste of savanna runners, he has the appearance of someone menacing with a noble heart, a misunderstood character with an explosive temper.


Athenea is one of the best runners in the wild and dangerous lands of Astrelya's distant lands, a fast runner with an inoffensive appearance but don't be fooled by her appearance.

Best karts in the game

The best cars so you can win your races in Neraverse Legendary.

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Best karts in the game

Test your skills; Choose, buy, compete and win.

Choose your favorite Kart

With the karts you will help yourself to dominate the land and be the best.

Mustang Kart

The old school classic car to win your races.

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War Kart

The perfect kart to destroy everything in its path.

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Bati Kart

Built in the depths of Gotham City.

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Buggie Kart

Cool and tropical, perfect for a sunny run.

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Aerodynamic kart ideal for racing.

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Dieselpunk Kart

Diesel as fuel makes it beastly on the track.

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Dyno Kart

Brought from the prehistoric era to break it on the track.

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Formula E Kart

In the style of the fastest in F1, this state-of-the-art car ready to race.

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Avion Kart

From the sky to the track, the kart that sees the track as the sky.

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The modern and improved kart to drag on the track.

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The company kart specialized in winning races.

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Because the police have better engines that drag on the track.

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An improved prototype engine that will make you dominate the track.

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Retro Kart

The perfect car for any classic character from the 50s onwards.

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Rhyno Kart

Only a true legend has a car brought from the African savannah.

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Solarpunk Kart

Solar energy is its fuel, which gives it its power and speed on the tracks.

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Steam is its fuel, giving it its power and speed on the tracks.

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Shark Kart

A voracious and fearsome shark came out of the sea to win on the slopes.

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Choose your pack with your skills and get ready in order to fight for the TNL

Each pack has differents skills and equipment , it´s your choice , you have to be prepared to fight by TNL. Enjoy your choice.

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Get ready to enjoy the best experience

Get ready to enjoy the best experience, immerse yourself in the world of the races and even generate profits with the differents games methods. Choose your pack, run and dominate the track.

Discover a world of possibilities

Test your skills; Choose, buy, compete and win.

Start the adventure

Edit your profile, search for other people, match or create your clan and conquer the most addictive racing game.

Customize your profile with pics, games & cards

Customize your profile and compete in differents games modes, PVP, tournaments or clans. Choose your track and run!

Enter the game room with your friends or with strangers and start playing

If your clan is not ready, don't worry, you can play different modes on differents lands with players from all over the world in real time.

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